Hi folks!  My name is Cailin (nice to meet you!) and I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and tell you a bit about my experience with finding my “play profile” and reconnecting with my playful spirit as an adult.

First of all, let me say - I have never strayed too far from play, even in my grown up life.  My undergraduate degree is in Art Education and I taught Art (specifically ceramics and small metal jewelry) for several years.  I got to play with my personal creative inspiration as well as guide students to unleash their joy in the form of art creations.  I liked to think of it as recess for high schoolers! So fun!

Fast forward a few years to a marriage, a cross-country move, and (shortly after) a little baby girl.  I owe so much to my daughter, Nora, for reigniting play in my life.  When I became a mom, play took a profound “front and center” role again I found myself spending SO much time “pausing to play.”  Kids play… it’s in their spirit, and it’s how they make sense of things. I had a pretty good sense that my “play profile” was making pretty things - meaning, I loved spending time making things necessarily beautiful, whether it was my home, my plate of wholesome food, or decorations to “pimp out” Nora’s next badass birthday party.  And as Nora grew into a toddler, I wanted her to have the enjoyment of creating too.  My husband and I decided to create a “creativity corner” (aka a 6’x6’ nook) in the corner of our tiny, 869 sq ft home by the beach for our daughter.  It was super important to me, as a mom, to make sure that play was accessible and fluid for Nora - I didn't want her to have to ask permission to create. 

The crazy thing was that even though this little nook was created for Nora, Jason and I found ourselves utilizing it (and really enjoying it) long after our daughter’s 2-year old attention had moved on to other play things.  We loved it!  It became abundantly clear that as much as it severed Nora, it equally served us too!  It was a turning point in how our family connected and cooperated.

Since then, I have been super curious about this notion of adult play.  Let’s face it, as we get older, our playfulness seems to get squeezed out of our lives and our daily adult responsibilities take center stage.  Our days are full of “I have to’s” and never-ending obligations.  With airtight schedules, rarely do we make time to just “play” (and actually enjoy it).  In fact, few of us even know what we would enjoy doing!  Sometimes, it’s helpful to look into our past and remember what we liked to do as a kid… but for others, the notion of playing dodge-ball just isn’t as appealing as it use to be - and that’s okay!  My job is to not only coach you in finding out what play means to you, but to also collaboratively create a “game plan” to integrate fun back into your busy life.  I want you to make play a habit - just as you would brushing your teeth, or going for a morning run.  We are better (parents, partners, employees, humans) when we play regularly.  We gotta play for well being, it’s just science.  Together, let’s enliven that playful spirit and bring vibrancy back into your life.  It will be so fun!