Live Pretty Well
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about ME

Here’s how I can BEST tell you about me….

(without the whole life story)


1. Relentless Optimist

A long-time friend once dubbed me a “Relentless Optimist” (I am not 100% sure that he meant it as a compliment).  It’s one of my favorite things I’ve ever been called….so, I am keeping it.  You can count on me to always find the glimmer of hope – and I will probably shine it right back for you.  Oh!  I also have a knack for reframing situations (in my mind, at least) to my liking.

2. Champion for Play and Fun

Not sure why I felt compelled to tell you this – if you are here, it’s probably obvious that it is my aim to show others how to be light with their lives.  We’ve got to play to be well (and to be anywhere close to our best selves)… it’s science.

3. Pretty Badass

OK – let me explain what I mean by this.  Let’s start with “Pretty”… to me, “Pretty” embodies being kind, compassionate, patient, creative and bringing beauty into one’s life and engaging with others in a “beautiful” way.  Alright, the “Badass” part may be a bit abstract (but to me, it makes perfect sense).  Being “Badass” means swearing (but not AT people), it means following my intuition above the expectations for others….I know, such a rebel.  For some reason, living in alignment with my highest purpose kinda’ feels like I’m breaking the rules (because it’s not always what others want or expect me to do)… “Badasses” are anti-rules, right?

4. And Momma to a Highly Spirited 4-year old

Raising Nora is the biggest adventure of my life.  From rehearsing Moana 40,000 times, to endless cuddles and “I love you, Mommy”’s , to hours of coloring rainbows and flowers, to her well-pointed defense of why naptime should be obsolete….I keep uncovering more and more of my authentic self, as Nora’s mommy.

Play Personality Type: Artist / Creator with a strong Explorer…. and hints of every other type of play personality type






Our adult lives are full of responsibility, obligations… and fun gets squeezed out.  Which means, our enjoyment and smiles and laughter get squeezed out too.  Fun and play is reserved for the 2-week vacation, once a year - which is simply not a sustainable form of happiness.  


As a Playologist (and “Relentless Optimist”) my mission is to collaborate with adults to resurrect their play, and fun, and laughter, and lightness, and vibrancy.  As adults, we often deprive ourselves or “unnecessary delights”….I help folks uncover their play personality type, their preferences, and together we shake off the feeling of simply being stuck “adulting.”  (Yes, our adult lives are full of responsibility, but we are also allowed to have fun – it actually makes us better humans).  Together, we circle back to the things that bring out the giddy joy for life. I work with people to reintroduce them to their playful, carefree self, to make tiny shifts that add up to significant changes…. and lead to a “default setting” of contentment and peace. 


Question: Will you die (physically) if you do not play?

Answer: No

Question: Is it possible to live a fulfilled, enchanted, interesting life full of happy memories without play?

Answer: No.

I want you to be happy.  I want you to tear up with joy as you reminisce on all the “good times” you’ve experienced.  (And not just the “good old days” way back, years ago, when you were younger).  I want you to feel healthy and vibrant.  I also really want you to be a nice human – to feel deeply connected to the ones you love, and feel empathy and compassion towards strangers.

There are major benefits to integrate play into our adult lives (in case “just having a whole lot of fun” isn’t enough for you).  Here are my top 3 favorites:

  1. Sustained Optimism: positive mental and emotional health
  2. Physical Health: decrease stress, increase immunity, and (my ultimate favorite, because it’s so cool) increased higher brain function, like creativity, critical problem solving, adaptability and all sorts of other aweomeness
  3. Heartfelt Connections with Others: deepen current relationships as well as increase empathy, cooperation, and compassion for others


I’ve been working with Cailin for several weeks now, and it’s been one of the most incredible coaching experiences I’ve ever had. I have a whole new understanding of what it means to play as an adult.
— Corinne M.
I feel supercharged!
— Lauren G.
I was fascinated while learning about play profiles, and how I can be more thoughtful and specific about what brings me joy and feels like play.
— C.L.


my pretty promise

{Consider this a virtual pinky-swear}


I promise to be always be a champion for fun and play

I promise to listen with compassion, patience, and grace

I promise to be an enthusiastic cheerleader for your personal happiness. It’s my mission to make sure everyone on earth feels like they are alive and vibrant, not just “adulting” their way through life

I promise to be a creative problem solver and your personal advocate

I promise to offer customized (and super rad) resources

...and finally...

I promise to be a play-finder! Play is out there, and I help you not just find it....but then welcome it in with a giant embrace




want to play with me?

If any of this “play stuff” has sparked your curiosity, or has you feeling tingly – let’s connect.  I’d love to know who you are, all your stories, and what you want to do with play.